There's Clean. Then There's Spring Fresh Clean.

Spotless Cleaning Services for Reno/Sparks, Nevada

Cleaning Material — house cleaning in Sparks, NV
The team at Spring Fresh Cleaning Service will go to each end of your home to make sure your place is fresh, shiny, and spotless. Our family-owned and operated company has served the Reno/Sparks, Nevada area since 1997, offering dependable, reliable, and timely service for our customers.

We will leave no corner of your place dirty. We will wipe away dirt and stains from your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom floor. Our team will leave sparkling glimmers to toilet bowls, shower fixtures, and odorless ovens. We can disinfect countertops as well as kitchen cabinets, and scrub grime away from walls and doors.
Cleaning the carpet — residential cleaning in Sparks, NV

What is Spring Fresh Clean?

We strive to make sure your home possesses that “Spring Fresh Clean,” smell once we are finished. We want each room to feel and smell refreshing, and that your items are organized and in the correct place. Your home should be comfortable and relaxing, and our cleaning service will ensure you feel that way once we are complete.

Spring Fresh Clean Service is bonded and insured for the protection of our clients. Call us today at (775) 359-5534 for a free appraisal, and ask about our special offers. We offer $30 off of any cleaning service using our website coupon, and $30 off for move-in and move-out service. We serve customers in Reno, Sparks, and the surrounding areas. Schedule your next cleaning today with our fantastic cleaning team.

There's Clean. Then There's Spring Fresh Clean.